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Posted on: July 20, 2009

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Frame and fork: 2009 Makino Silver Kanji No.4
Headset: Top/Chris King. Bottom/Dura-Ace NJS
Stem: Nitto Jaguar 80mm

Handle bar: Nitto B123 39cm
Grips: Soyo long grips
Wheel: Front/Velocity Deep V laced to a gold Formula hub. Rear/ Formula rims on Formula hubs.
Tire: Front/ Kenda. Rear/Hutchinson HardSkin
Cranks: Campagnolo Mirage 175mm w/ Sugino Single Chainring bolts
Bottom bracket: Sugino 75 NJS
Chainring: Campagnolo Mirage 52T
Cog: Formula 17T
Chain: HKK Vertex NJS
Saddle: Brooks Team Professional
Seat post: Campagnolo aero seatpost
Pedals: Wellgo Racing
Toe clips: Wellgo Racing
Strap: Soma double-toe strap w/ Yancopad padding attached to it.

Rizki, London – England, United Kingdom |


2 Responses to "Raw and Fresh,,"

sweet ride, really love the look of the Campy Mirage

itu pake crankarm 175mm pedal strike gak sama ban depannya?

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