Subdural Hematoma,,

Posted on: July 28, 2009

Subdural Hematoma

Subdural Hematoma

Subdural Hematoma

Subdural Hematoma

sub·dur·al he·ma·to·ma ( səb-dyŏŏr’əl hē’mə-tō’mə)

a form of traumatic brain injury in which blood gathers within the inner meningeal layer of the dura (the outer protective covering of the brain). Unlike in epidural hematomas, which are usually caused by tears in arteries, subdural bleeding usually results from tears in veins that cross the subdural space. May cause an increase in intracranial pressure (ICP), which can cause compression of and damage to delicate brain tissue. Most often caused by head injury, when fast changing velocities within the skull may stretch and tear small bridging veins. Subdural hematomas due to head injury are described as traumatic, generally result from shearing injuries due to various rotational or linear forces.

Frame and fork: Fahrradwerke Spezial Nr. 1 (unknown 27” road frame with custom track ends fitted, dropouts respaced to 110mm, cable stops shaved), custom BMX-style fork
Headset: FSA 1” threadless
Stem: Zoom 90mm, 25.4mm handlebar clamp, 31.8mm steerer clamp (custom shim added), polished
Handlebar: WTB rise bar, trimmed to 520mm
Grips: Velo with custom leather wrap
Wheels: Rigida X-Star 19 622-19mm v-brake rims laced with 36 stainless spokes to 48 holes Formula BMX hub+freehub
Tires: Kenda 700×23c
Cranks: Shimano RSX FC-A410 170mm, 110mm BCD
Bottom bracket: Shimano BB-UN54 110mm square taper
Chainring: Shimano Hyperglide 46T, Shimano Sora chainring bolts (single chainring compatible)
Cog: Shimano DXR 16T
Chain: some crap laying on my garage (soon to be replaced by vintage DuraAce)
Saddle: custom upholstered Selle Royal Wolf
Seatpost: Kalloy 25.4×300mm
Brakes: Promax caliper brakes with Tektro BMX levers and Jagwire Braided 5.0 cables
Pedals: VP spindle+aluminum body, Wellgo steel cage
Toe clips and straps: cute pinky Cateye Snake

Rangga Panji, Jakarta – Indonesia


4 Responses to "Subdural Hematoma,,"


Harga bahan dan konstruksi boleh kurang dari $120,,
Harga total dengan craftmanship, pricele$$,,

sodara kembarnya FrankenVitus I/SS.
Ngeliat sepeda yang satu ini, gue terharuu..biasa ngeliat di website, sampe akhirnya ngeliat pake mata kepala sendiri. DAN MENYENTUHNYA! *lebay*

@Fitra: tararengkyu, Om. sesama pengguna sepeda merah nih, kita. hehehe.
@Riva: the price is subject to change under certain conditions. you know, bike projects are never ending projects…
@Andira: lebaaaaaaaaay! nggak cuma FrankenVitus yang bisa berevolusi, bentar lagi di sini bakal nongol Subdural Hematoma stadium II, hehehe.

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